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April 2019 Newsletter

A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew,

A cloud, and a rainbow's warning, Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue --

An April day in the morning.

~ Harriet Prescott Spofford

A great way to celebrate spring is to bring the wonderful creations of earth indoors. Fresh cut daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are wonderful reminders of the beauty of the season. If you are fortunate to have a garden that includes blooming bulbs and shrubs, cut yourself some blooms to bring indoors. If you don't have access to cut your own spring blooms stop by the store and pick up a bunch for your table. Garden or not, now is the time to go outside and enjoy the season. Take advantage of the bright blue skies dotted with pillow-esque clouds that are perfect backdrops for walks at a local park or nature preserve. Please remember to leave the pruners at home on those spring adventures. Parks, preserves, and neighbors want you to leave the flowers just as they are, no matter how tempting it is to cut a few for yourself.

Easter is Sunday, April 21st this year. We are here to help you celebrate the holiday with fresh cut centerpieces, blooming plants, hostess gifts, and decorations. Call or stop in today to order your Easter centerpiece. We can create a custom arrangement for your celebration.

We wish you a spring filled with beautiful buds, blossoms, and blessings.


Spring Chores

If you haven't applied the first step in the fertilome 3-step program, it is not too late. After you apply the first step of For All Seasons II go ahead and apply Hi-Yield's Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper to your landscape beds. To learn more about the 3-step program and weed prevention visit our garden center website.

Early to mid-April is a good time to prune back rose bushes. This article by the University of Illinois Extension is a great place to start if you have questions on rose pruning.

Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and clean up garden beds and your landscape. Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses. Remove any debris that may have collected after the rain and strong winds we recently experienced. Lightly clear mulch away from emerging spring plants, such as peonies.

Soil temperatures are warm enough to plant potato and onion sets and cool weather loving veggies. Radish, lettuce, kohlrabi, kale, carrot, bok choy, dill, and cilantro plants grow best in cooler weather. Two great reasons for planting seeds now are you don't have to worry about pesky mosquitos while in the garden and you get to harvest fresh veggies in a couple of months.

If you are looking to add to your landscape this year with a tree or shrub spring is a great time to plant. The plant will be able to acclimate before the intense heat and humidity of summer. (Hopefully the heat and humidity hold off until summer.) We have an amazing selection of shade and ornamental trees, including a few hard to find varieties. Shrubs are arriving almost bi-weekly, along with perennials. We have a lovely selection of rhododendrons that are budded and will bloom for you this year. Maybe you're not ready to commit to a new tree or shrub, but are beginning to investigate plant options. Visit us for inspiration and help. We will do everything we can to help you create your best landscape.


Prom Flower Headquarters

We are your headquarters for corsages and boutonnieres this spring. Let our team of creative floral designers create the floral accessory that will have the whole school talking. Are you looking for something romantic and dreamy or blinged-out rocker style? Whatever you have in mind we can create it. Need some inspiration view our gallery on our florist website.


House Plant Potting Station

Are your house plants in need of repotting? Do you dread the task of repotting them? The mess of digging out bags of soil and then the mess of cleaning up said soil can be enough to deter people from having house plants. We are here to help. No more is repotting a drudgery.

Decorative terracota pottery.
A small portion of our pottery selection.

Repot your house plants at our potting bench. We will help you repot your house plant and provide potting soil. All we ask is that you purchase a new pot from us for your plant. We can even help you choose the correct size and type of pot for your houseplant. Don't have a houseplant to repot? We have those too. Choose a plant, choose a pot, and then plant it using our potting bench.

*You must be able to provide transportation for your old and new potted plant. A new pot must be purchased prior to using the potting bench.


Discover the beauty of the season.

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