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House Plant Potting Station

Are your house plants in need of repotting? Do you dread the task of repotting them? The mess of digging out bags of soil and then the mess of cleaning up said soil can be enough to deter people from having house plants. We are here to help. No more is repotting a drudgery.


Repot your house plants at our potting bench. We will help you repot your house plant and provide potting soil. All we ask is that you purchase a new pot from us for your plant. We can even help you choose the correct size and type of pot for your houseplant. Don't have a houseplant to repot? We have those too. Choose a plant, choose a pot, and then plant it using our potting bench.


*You must be able to provide transportation for your old and new potted plant. A new pot must be purchased prior to using the potting bench.

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