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October in the Garden

It's not quite time to retire your garden tools for the year.

Don't put your garden tools away for the year, there is still plenty to do in the garden this month.

Below are a few tips to help your garden look it's best this month and into the future.

- Begin cleaning up and removing any diseased foliage or plants.

- Don't cut back all of your plants. Leave some to add winter interest and habitat for

birds and insects.

- Compost spent plants, grass clippings, and leaves.

- Plant spring-blooming bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs. Fall is a great time to plant. The cooler weather encourages plants to focus on growing strong and healthy roots, rather than focus energy on blooms.

- Have a soil test taken to better prepare yourself for the spring.

- Begin digging up tender bulbs (gladioli, dahlias, & begonias) to store inside over winter.

- Mulch around perennials.

- Make sure the plants in your garden are receiving roughly 1" of water per week. This is especially important if you recently planted any trees or shrubs or if the weather has been dry.

- Begin bringing house plants back inside, taking care to make the move as gradual as possible to reduce the amount of shock plants will undergo.

- Apply a systemic insecticide for plants that you bring indoors to prevent any unwanted creatures from also making the move into your home.

- Plant cool weather plants such as pansies, mums, and ornamental cabbage and kale to add a burst of color to your garden.

- Fertilize your lawn. If you have not applied your first fall application of lawn fertilizer don't fret, you still have time. The Fertilome 3-step lawn program provides nutrition and protection for your lawn so that you will have a healthy and beautiful space to call your own. The two steps that are applied in the fall are two separate applications of Fertilome's Lawn Food Plus Iron. It is best if you can get your second application down by mid November, but make sure you allow 6 weeks between the first and second application.

- Fall is a wonderful time to divide spring and early summer blooming perennials.

Most importantly, take the time to enjoy the season.

October can be a magical month in the garden.

Blackberry enjoying his perch atop straw bales.

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