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September 2020 Newsletter

"By all these lovely tokens 

September days are here, 

With summer’s best of weather 

And autumn’s best of cheer." 

~ Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

Sumac in full autumn glory.

A Month of Transition

Warm and humid weather is currently the norm, but there is the hint of crisp autumn weather on the horizon.  September is a month filled with change and transition.  Temperatures drop accentuating the slow transition of the lessening daylight.  Leaves begin to change color and drop as plants prepare for winter.  Monarch caterpillars and butterflies can be found in our gardens as they grow and continue their annual migration south.  Mums and pumpkins fill store displays, while the aroma of pumpkin spice can be smelled from every coffee shop.  These scenes of summer transitioning into fall are expected and welcome.  Many may feel that this year, in particular, the seasonal change is a melancholy one.  The excitement of returning to school and regular fall activities is weakened this year.  We encourage you to embrace the changes that occur in September.  Explore local parks and enjoy the changing leaves.  Plant seasonal blooming plants such as mums, asters, anemones, and goldenrod in your garden.  Gift yourself a fresh arrangement of seasonal flowers.  Create an autumnal oasis in your home with fall decor.  Connect with others and enjoy the month’s beauty together. 

We have a great selection of shrubs and perennials to add color and texture to your garden. Mums are beginning to show color and ornamental kale and cabbage will last through cold weather.  Our greenhouse is filled with fresh and lush tropical plants that are ready and waiting to go home with you.  We have new pottery and gift items perfect for your plants and fall design. As we begin to prepare for Christmas we did not forget Halloween.  Quirky, spooky, and cute describe our finely crafted Halloween items.  Visit us today to see what is new.  

Be safe and well!

Your Friends at

Jackson Florist & Garden Center


We will be closed September 5, 6, & 7

in observance of Labor Day.


Fall Lawn Care

Now is the time to think about how you would like your lawn to look next year.  It may seem like an odd thing to do, but by taking the necessary steps this fall you could easily have a visibly healthier lawn. 

Fall is the time to feed your lawn.  We recommend the fertilome 3-step lawn care fertilizers to enrich lawns so they will be healthy and green next year.  The fertilome program consists of two applications of Lawn Food Plus Iron six weeks apart in the fall. Early September is a great time to apply the first application.  Regularly water your lawn throughout the fall then sit back, relax until the spring thaw, and dream of that perfect lawn.

To learn more about caring for your lawn check out our Lawn Care blog post.


Lawn Care Special

Currently we are running a special on the fertilome 3-Step lawn care program. For every 5,000 square foot program you purchase you will receive a $10 gift card for future use.

The program includes 2 bags of Lawn Food Plus Iron and 1 bag of For All Seasons.


Create an Autumnal Home

A fall favorite, chrysanthemums.

Autumn is in full swing at the store.  We have beautiful wreaths, silk arrangements, and decorations to make every room feel like fall and unique Halloween decorations to make your scariest holiday also the cutest. 

We have not forgotten about your garden.  Hardy mums, asters, ornamental cabbage and kale, graceful grasses, pansies, spring-blooming bulbs, and a multitude of annuals, perennials, and shrubs are in stock to help you create a stunning front porch pot or expand your garden. 

Jackson Florist & Garden Center is your one stop shop for fall.


Monarch Season

Monarch butterflies feeding on an aster.

Monarch butterflies are a wonderful sight in late summer as they make their way south for the winter. Many gardeners fill their gardens with nectar rich plants to encourage the royal butterflies to visit. The most important plant for monarchs to continue their annual migration is milkweed. Monarch caterpillars need milkweed to grow and develop. Unfortunately, monarchs are not the only creature that enjoys milkweed. The oleander aphid can be found feeding on milkweed plants. Removing the aphids is as simple as squishing them with your fingers and using a garden hose to blast them off plants. Refrain from using herbicides that may harm monarch larvae. If you are fortunate you will have the beneficial Milkweed assassin bug helping you to get rid of the aphids. Assassin bugs are voracious predators and are a welcome sight in the garden.

For more information on creating a monarch habitat click the links below.

Anemone in front of goldenrod.

"Departing summer hath assumed 

An aspect tenderly illumed, 

The gentlest look of spring; 

That calls from yonder leafy shade 

Unfaded, yet prepared to fade, 

A timely carolling." 

~ William Wordsworth, September


Happy Gardening!

Your Friends at Jackson Florist & Garden Center

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